February 12, 2005

Just Drop It

How do you let go? I just can't let go! It's impossible to let go of this. These are thoughts that may run through our minds when we worry, dwell, and obsess.

Pick up something around you. Pick up this book. Hold it tightly. Then just drop it. Release it. Let it fall right out of your hands.

That's what you do with whatever you're obsessing and dwelling about it. If you pick it up again, drop it one more time. See! Letting go is a skill that anyone can acquire.

Passion and focus can lead us along our path and help us find our way. But obsession can mean we've crossed that line, again. We can be compassionate but firm with ourselves and others as we learn to release our tight grip and just let things go.

God, help me know that if I'm obsessing about a problem, it's not because I have to. Dropping it is always a choice available to me.

Melody Beattie ©

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