March 15, 2007

Recovery Affirmations

"Affirmations have been used by people for thousands of years to help make desired changes. Affirmations are statements of fact that you want to be true. Repeating them daily and thinking of a positive emotional experience at the same time conditions your brain to help make the affirmation a reality. Read the book Liberating Greatness to understand the process more fully.

These affirmations are drawn from material in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and are designed to be especially helpful to recovering addicts. Read through them and pick three or four that resonate with you. Then begin practicing them, repeating them twice a day for at least four weeks..."

I am a sober alcoholic
I am a sober addict
I know a new freedom.
I know a new happiness.
I do not regret the past.
I comprehend serenity.
I know peace.
I am useful.
I am connected to all that is good.
I project a positive attitude on life.
I am confident.
I place my life in the care of God.
I am free of fear.
I know how to handle things that used to baffle me.
I work the steps every day.
I am energized by my quiet time with my Higher Power.
I am patient.
I eagerly give myself to the 12 Step program.
I am rigorously honest with myself.
I am fearless in my examination of my past conduct.
I abandon myself to God's care and protection.
I am growing along spiritual lines.
I project an attitude of happiness.
I am bathed in the sunlight of the Spirit.
I am free of anger.
I am powerless over people.
I am powerless over my children.
I am tolerant of my spiritually sick friends.
I quickly ask God to save me from my anger.
I avoid retaliation.
I avoid argument.
I rely on a Higher Power.
I trust the God of my understanding to guide me through today.
I humbly rely upon God.
I am outgrowing fear.
I am on the Broad Highway walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Universe.
I am ready to let God remove from me all things which I admit are objectionable.
I am ready to go to any lengths for victory over alcohol and other drugs.
The spirit of God flows in me.
Because God gives me strength and direction, I do the next right thing.
My experience benefits others.
With God’s help I can manage my life.
Drinking/using is death for me.
God’s power in my life enables me to match calamity with serenity.
My Higher Power demonstrates through me what He can do.
I continue to take personal inventory.
I am growing in understanding and effectiveness.
I recoil from alcohol/drugs like a hot flame.
I am aligned with God’s will for me.
I know a new meaning in my life.
I depend upon God and I am sober (clean).
I trust God.
I am entirely ready to have God remove my shortcomings.
I am a winner.
I am a miracle in progress.
I let go and let God.
I am free; I am humble.
I enjoy attending meetings.
I am a child of God.
I am God-centered.
I am willing, because this is the key to recovery.
I can make me happy.
I project an attitude of gratitude.
I am blessed with freedom of choice.
I am still and know God.
I am of service to God and my fellow man.
I am a valuable human being.
I rely on my telephone to be free from the feelings of loneliness.
I help others by asking for help.
I forgive myself.
I like myself.
I am not God; I am human.
I am getting to be who I want to be.
I am a product of God’s amazing grace.
I am humble because I seek and do God’s will.
I learn from my weaknesses.
I am grateful to be alive and recovering.
I am powerless over alcohol/drugs.
I have an open mind.
I practice the AA/NA program enthusiastically.
I believe in a power greater than myself.
I am dependent on God and this gives me true independence of spirit.
I am happy.

Based on affirmations crafted from the Big Book by Dale D. and taken from a longer list found at this Liberating Greatness site.

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The recovery affirmations can be used with many aspects of life. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.