August 29, 2007

Staying in the Process of Love

"If we are not careful, we can let ourselves get pushed into self-pity. To avoid that trap we must reaffirm our faith in the power of love to change things. When we cease to believe that a loving act is never wasted, we begin to sink into darkness and cynicism. A deep belief in the power of love means that we must make a commitment to keep on giving even when we cannot see any immediate results.

Love, after all, is not just an isolated act – it is a process that flows out of an attitude of optimism and hope. So what do I do in those moments when I don't feel like pouring my energy into loving acts? Keep on doing them! Have we not learned that love is not just a feeling but also an action?"

--Rev. Dr. Brooks Ramsey

Forgiveness Exercises

"Here are ten ways to help you move towards contentment and forgiveness in your life and move away from toxic emotions. Go to a quiet place, preferably in your home, then relax for about 5-10 minutes and go through the following steps in your mind.

1. Calm your emotions through deep breathing.
2. Analyze the event from a logical, objective perspective.
3. Seek the truth and the facts.
4. Acknowledge the facts of what happened.
5. Know that you were mistreated.
6. Acknowledge that you were right.
7. Let the memory fade into history.
8. Let go of the anger and hateful energy that surrounds you.
9. Focus your thoughts on those who care about you in life.
10. Focus your thoughts on the things in life that you like.

By performing these simple steps on a daily basis, you should gradually notice that you feel more content and at peace with yourself. By focusing on those who love you and the things in life that you like, you will attract positive energy into your life…and that’s a good thing."

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10 Tips for a Fearless Life

"Fear. We've all felt its icy hand--whether it's a sudden grab, or a subtle, lingering presence. No matter how it functions in your life, no doubt you're happiest and most fulfilled when it's not at the wheel, steering.

In this gallery [from], Buddhist writer Susan Piver offers simple techniques you can apply to everyday fears--from asking for help to remembering to breathe."