August 04, 2006

Spirituality and Religion

When you think of being spiritual rather than religious, you are probably feeling that you don't want to simply practice a piety that is antiquated, or that causes you to feel guilty for what you have and have not done in your life.

But, when you feel spiritual, you will naturally be led to embrace a practice of piety. Religious piety does not have to be a straightjacket.

There is an immense amount of freedom in how you give voice and substance to the spiritual longing you feel within.

* Perhaps your piety will involve simple silence and centering.

* Perhaps it will be lived out in the way that you show care and compassion to others.

* Perhaps you will articulate it through the way that you pray and surrender yourself to the God who loves you with infinite constancy.

* Perhaps you will manifest it through embracing such virtues as patience, kindness, truthfulness, or unconditional love.

Being religious doesn't mean simply surrendering yourself to a church institution.

Rather, being religious is choosing to live a life that honors and claims the relationship with God that your soul so deeply craves.

by Renee Miller
from"Questions of Faith and Doubt"

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