June 09, 2008

Uncomplicated and Free

Today's thought for the day from Hazelden is:


The Prodigal Son took his journey into a far country and wasted his substance with riotous living. That is what those of us with afflictions do. The story continues that, when the son came to himself, he arose and went to his father. We do that, too, when we become a part of this program. That is when we come to our senses. The person steeped in distress is not the real self. The sane, sober, straight, rational, respectable person is the real self. Our involvement with our group has brought us happiness and a better self-image. Have I come to see myself in a better light?


Simplicity is the keynote of a good life. Choose the simple things always. Life can become complicated if you let it become so. You can be swamped by difficulties if you let them take up too much of your time. Every difficulty can be either solved or ignored. Something better can be substituted for it. Love the humble things of life and revere the simple things. Your standard must never be the world's standard of wealth and power. These are ultimately sheer deception.


I pray that I may love the simple things of life. I pray that I may keep my life uncomplicated and free.

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Look to this Day by Alan L. Roeck. Copyright 1978 by Hazelden Foundation. All rights reserved.

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