December 06, 2005

Each Day Provides Its Own Gifts

Today I received some unwanted news about a job opportunity that I was seeking, so it is amazing to me that the first piece of email that I looked at today for consideration for posting was this one. There truly are no coincidences.

"We are guaranteed experiences that are absolutely right for us today. We are progressing on schedule. Even when our personal hopes are unmet, we are given the necessary opportunities for achieving those goals that complement our unique destinies.

Today is full of special surprises, and we will be the recipient of the ones which are sent to help us grow--in all the ways necessary for our continued recovery. We might not consider every experience a gift at this time. But hindsight will offer the clarity lacking at the moment, just as it has done in many instances that have gone before.

We are only offered part of our personal drama each day. But we can trust our lives to have many scenes, many acts, points of climax, and a conclusion. Each of us tells a story with our lives, one different from all other stories and yet necessary to the telling of many other stories too. The days ahead will help us tell our story. Our interactions with others will influence our outcomes and theirs. We can trust the drama and give fully to our roles.

Every day is a gift exchange. I give, and I will receive."

You are reading from the book Each Day a New Beginning.
--Ruth P. Freedman
© 1982, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation.

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