December 21, 2005

Ego Deflation

AA Thought for the Day

December 21, 2005


Is there no hope for the very intelligent alcoholic, who cannot see that it's his ego, not his IQ, that is the issue in his drinking?

Yes, there is indeed hope. By a paradox he will later rejoice in, but cannot recognize today, his progressive illness will save him. If it doesn't kill him first, alcoholism will beat him to his knees. Pain will be his educator, his mentor.
He will topple from the throne from which he has looked down with condescension
upon "those alcoholics."

He will echo the words at the end of chapter two of the Big Book: "Yes, I am one of them; I must have this thing."

c. 1998 The AA Grapevine, Inc., The Best of the Grapevine (Vol. 3), pp. 308-9

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