March 02, 2006

God's Grace is Never Ending Giving

"How do you define God's Grace? Can you even describe it adequately so that I can understand your understanding of it? It is not a very easy thing to do. And you have to wonder why that is. When I think of God's Grace, what comes to my mind is the scripture quote that starts off like this...'God so loved the world that He gave...."

God so loved theworld that He gave... that He gave... that He gave me my life. That He gave me the breath that fills my lungs. That He gave me my rising up this morning. That He gave me all the events of this day. That He gave me the love and support of friends and family. That He gave me everything I am and everything I have and everyone in my life. That He gave and gave and gave unendingly to me and still does. And why? Because He expects me to return the favor? Because He wants me in His debt? Because it's His ace in the hole? No, He gave just because ~ just because He loves me, and for no other reason. God's Grace looks like this to me ~ the unending givingness of my Lord who loves me just because I am.

You know, I am reminded of the movie, As Good As It Gets. In the most memorable scene for me, Jack Nicholson tells Helen Hunt, "You make me want to be a better man." I can never forget that line. The romantic in me, of course, just hooks into the beauty of a man saying that a woman, just by virtue of who she is, makes him want to be a better man. And I like to use it as a metaphor for God's Grace here. God, just by virtue of His presence in my life, makes me want to be a better person. That is what effect God's Grace has on me. And so it is!"

(Copyright 2001)
Virginia Santoro

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