April 24, 2006

Twelve Steps of Life

"Through abstinence and through working the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous, our lives have become useful" Basic Text, p. 8

Before coming to Narcotics Anonymous, our lives were centered around using. For the most part, we had very little energy left over for jobs, relationships, or other activities. We served only our addiction.

The Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous provide a simple way to turn our lives around. We start by staying clean, a day at a time. When our energy is no longer channeled into our addiction, we find that we have the energy to pursue other interests. As we grow in recovery, we become able to sustain healthy relationships. We become trustworthy employees. Hobbies and recreation seem more inviting. Through participation in Narcotics Anonymous, we help others.

Narcotics Anonymous does not promise us that we will find good jobs, loving relationships, or a fulfilling life. But when we work the Twelve Steps to the best of our ability, we find that we can become the type of people who are capable of finding employment, sustaining loving relationships, and helping others. We stop serving our disease, and begin serving God and others. The Twelve Steps are the key to transforming our lives.

Just for today:
I will have the wisdom to use the Twelve Steps in my life, and the courage to grow in my recovery. I will practice my program to become a responsible, productive member of society.

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1 comment:

Country Saints said...

I wish you well in your battle. Just please don't let na take over your life. It happened to my boyfriend and most of the people that make meetings their new life. na's philosophy that the meetings come first before family, work and school just isn't right. The best practice is to go to a healthy amount of meetings (don't overdo) and then when the meetings are over leave and continue with your day, don't get involved with the people that hang around. Wise advice from someone that's seen the bad side of na. I personally think that aa is a little healthier (and yes people from na can also go their), but I would still follow he above advice even with aa meetings. Best of luck to you.