June 20, 2006

A Foundation of Belief

~This Week's Spiritual Affirmation~

This week I will practice in furthering and strengthening my spiritual belief. Through daily prayer and meditation I will add new and essential building blocks to the foundation of my belief, so that I may soar ever higher during times of elation, and stand ever more firmly during times of trial and tribulation. Though hope may well come before belief, and is essential to the human spirit, hope fails us minus the foundation of belief.

Life seldom goes exactly as we may plan -- or want -- without infinite belief to underpin our finite hopes they will be dashed upon the realities of life daily. Without an infinite belief the finite self is shiftless, as the house built upon sand. With belief,
we can feel faith in an Infinite Creator's higher purpose, God's gently loving hand to guide and protect us.

© ~G.A. Hazelwood
Spiritual Wings

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