March 08, 2007

So Much Depends on My Attitude

I truly believe that, no matter how bad or traumatic an event appeared at the time, absolutely everything happens for a reason - to teach us lessons in the 'scholarly journey' of life... and that this only means that something much bigger and better, something way more beautiful is waiting for you - somewhere, somehow!

God can weave a beautiful tapestry from even the most tangled thread of a shattered life.. It's just a matter of "hanging in by the fingernails" with the hidden strength of character that we all have deep within us...and which is only severely tested in trials and tribulations. Like the 'pearl of great' price, which is produced by the great irritation of the oyster. This suffering breeds our great strength of character, which is within every one of us.

It's not what happens to us in's how we react to what has happened to us...and our success will largely depend on our ATTITUDE to life: by remaining optimistic and open to new opportunities in the face of hardship, when all seems lost. Continue to do your part to open new doors amidst your trials and tribulations. All we need is FAITH to keep going. So many miners gave up within inches of finding the gold in the seam of life.

I have an absolute faith in a Power way beyond ourselves, God, Life, Spirit of the Universe, Higher Authority, Infinite Intelligence, the Ultimate Source, the Creator (whatever you wish to call Him/It).

However, I also believe that God, first helps those who help themselves. He may steer the course of our lives, but we have to take action and start peddling.

He always gives us HOPE and LOVE when we may think we have nothing left...and God, Life Force, the Universe wants what is best for us and for us to be fulfilled and happy.

That, I believe, is why , I believe God always conspires to deliver when we want something with all our heart and soul. God can make our wildest dreams come true -ones that are far bigger and more magnificent than we could ever have dreamed ourselves.

Best Wishes from the First City to see the Sun in "Godzone"
(as New Zealand is affectionately known) By Craig Lock

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