July 30, 2004

Eric Clapton Quote

"With heroin I couldn't leave the room. I'd take the phone off the hook and it would just be me and the TV... With alcohol, I could be very gregarious. I thought I'd woken up and come back to life. And in a way I had. But it was a weird life and eventually it led back to the same place... I needed a total internal collapse before I could stop... That moment they call 'the grace of despair'. It came and in a flash of clarity I saw I was going to die. I didn't want to die, so I picked up a phone and asked for help... That's when I grabbed on to the notion of one day at a time and that's been my programme ever since. Sixteen years of one day at a time."

- Eric Clapton, 'Scotsman.com'" Via dryblog

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