July 17, 2005

I Chose to Live

Father Leo's Daily Meditation


"One must not lose desires. They are mightily stimulating to creativeness, to love, and to long life."
--Alexander A. Bogomoletz

Today I desire to live. I have discovered value in my life. I have experienced personal self-esteem. I am able to feel again, talk, trust and laugh again. Today I desire to live.

But I can remember when I felt lonely, isolated, angry, shutdown and hopeless. The desires I had were destructive, desiring isolation mingled with alcohol. Then the pain became too great and I experienced a vital "moment". I realized I needed to make a choice -- was I to live or die? I chose to live!

This was the beginning of my spiritual journey into self from which I discovered God and His world. Creative and positive desires were re-born in my life, and I am able to live and love again.

O Lord, may I continue to desire those things that do not hurt me.

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