February 19, 2007

Nourish Your Precious Self

When someone says, "My precious child," you get an instant feeling of how deeply they love their offspring. Any time someone refers to another person as 'precious', be it a parent, spouse, sibling, friend or mentor, it expresses a special depth, a significant bond of caring.

Every Friday I ask all of you to, "Take care of your precious selves". I use the word 'precious' for a reason.

How often do you say, "My precious self"? Have you ever said it?

Chances are, you haven't. We take extra care of the precious people in our lives, yet we ignore the one precious person who 'is' our life. We push ourselves to exhaustion, demanding more and more of ourselves each day. Our physical, mental and spiritual capacities are depleted by the drive to do more, accomplish more, and be more.

No one can fill up the empty core at the center of your being. When it's empty, it's empty. You're the only one who knows it's empty and you're the only one who can replenish the well.

How much good are doing when you're feeling terrible? How well are you able to respond to the needs of others when your mind is so weary you can't think straight? How are you going to help, or care for another, once you fall face down on the earth from pure exhaustion? What are you really offering, when you have nothing left to give?

Stop depriving yourself of the time you need to relax, refuel and rejoice. Pay attention to your needs and heed their call. The simple act of being gentle and kind to yourself is a profound way to offer your best self - in all your precious glory - to the world.

--Terri McPherson

WiseHearts Love and Friendship Center

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