May 27, 2007

Choose to Live

"Our necessities are certainly immense and compelling. Each of us must conform reasonably well to AA's Steps and Traditions, or else we shall go mad or die of alcoholism. Therefore the compulsion among most of us to survive and grow soon becomes far stronger than the temptation to drink or misbehave. Literally, we must 'do or die.'

So we make the choice to live. This, in turn, means the choice of AA
principles, practices, and attitudes. This is our first great and critical choice. Admittedly, this is made under the fearful and immediate lash of John Barleycorn, the killer. Plainly enough, this first choice is far more a necessity than it is an act of virtue."

Bill W., May 1960 ©1988AAGrapevine, The Language of the Heart, pp. 301-2

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