May 30, 2007

Don't Let Depression Get You Down

"Recovering people are susceptible to the same diseases as nonaddicts. Some people have a depressive outlook on life. Some people become depressed when they sustain a loss. And some people are depressed when they must give up their chemicals. But there is also a kind of depression that results from certain chemical changes in the body, that can occur in addicts and nonaddicts alike. This latter type of depression can be treated with safe, nonaddictive antidepressants. The failure to treat such depression can result in prolonged dysfunction, severe suffering, and even suicide. A recovering person with severe depression should be evaluated by someone competent in the diagnosis of dual disorders. While addicts are prone to take medication indiscriminately, they should not be deprived of nonaddictive medication that can be life-saving. Recovering people who need medical treatment for depression should not be excluded from the program and deprived of the support the fellowship can provide when that need is greatest."

---Dr. Abraham Twerski

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