March 04, 2005

Work the First Step on Panic and Fear

If panic and anxiety are a continual problem, seek professional help.

But if they are only isolated incidents in your life, you may be able to help yourself. One tool that has never let me down when it comes to anxiety and fear is working Step One of the Twelve Step program. I admit I am powerless over my panic and fear, and my life has become unmanageable. Then I ask God what I need to do next.

Don't let your fears run your life. Make it a goal to get through them. Ask them what they're trying to tell you. You may be on a path that's new, and your body is just reacting to that. There may be a hidden emotion underneath all this fear, something you'd rather not see. Or maybe you and your life are just changing so fast that everything in your world is brand new. Be gentle and loving with yourself and others.

God, help me welcome all the new experiences in my life. Give me the courage to calmly walk my path today, knowing I'm right where I need to be.

Melody Beattie©

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