September 24, 2005

Love is...

As time passes in AA, we hear or read much about love:
love is as simple as becoming always available.
Love is a sincere interest in others.
Love is a desire to be of service.
Love is an ability to understand others and their problems.
Giving love is more important than being loved.
Love is always positive and constructive.
It does not tolerate negativism.
It must be given and received unconditionally,
without reservations, with no strings attached.
When we love, we will see in others
what we wish to have in ourselves.
We will know that love is a privilege given to us by God.
When we love, we will never be bored with life or our program.
It is what impels us to be active and to get involved in service.

c. 1998 AAGrapevine, Inc., The Best of the Grapevine [vol. 3], pp. 296-7

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