September 25, 2005

Prayer is a Journey on a Two-Way Street

"Prayer is not asking. It is a language of the soul." -- Mohandas Gandhi

At school I was told that prayer is "talking to God". Then I discovered that prayer is more than this -- prayer is a relationship with God. It is a two-way system -- I talk to God but I must also listen to Him. Like any relationship that is going to work and grow, it needs time. I must spend time developing my relationship with God. I must create an awareness of his presence in my life because I believe He is always there for me.

But more than this, prayer is a yearning for truth within the center of my being. In prayer I get in touch with that part of me that will be forever restless until it finds rest, eternal rest, in Him.

O God, prayer is my journey into You.

From Father Leo Booth's Daily Meditation

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